What the heck is a porktrack?

Simply put, it is the Billboard Hot 100 song for the week of your estimated conception. The idea is that if any song, in the indescribably vast collection of songs human beings have made in our years as a creative species, is likely to be the song your parents did the deed   to, it's the #1 song in the country at that particular time.
How accurate is it?

Not very. The site takes your submitted birthdate, subtracts 40 weeks, then adds or subtracts whatever offset you put in if you check the peculiar birth box. Real doctors can only kind of estimate the date of conception, and they have real, tangible data to work with. This is just a computer somewhere.
Why make this?

I really wanted to learn how to make a website. Also it amuses me greatly to see how people react to their porktracks.
My parents don't listen to this kind of music. What about me?

Is there an app coming?